Duh…Don’t do these on social media

By: Nicole Pulcini Mason

  1. Be unresponsive

Social media platforms are the new community centers and water-coolers. If someone walked up and asked you how old your children were or where the bathroom was, would you ignore them? I hope not. Same premise on social media, especially as a business, nonprofit, group, professional page, or other organization. If a user is reaching out to you via comment or message, it is important not only to respond, but to respond preferably within four hours.


Not all messages and comments will be positive. If a user posts a negative comment publicly, reply stating something along the lines of, “Your concern is important to me, and I want to learn more. I will private message you.” You can pick the conversation up privately. Do not delete their negative comment/post unless it is vulgar. Leave it and your reply. This shows others that you care and are responsive. Once communicating privately, you can use your customer service mojo.


  1. Lurk and don’t like

If your page isn’t liking, sharing, and commenting, you might as well not exist on social media. Social media is more than just seeing what others are doing; it’s about interacting. Make sure to like users’ and pages’ posts, comment as appropriate, and share messages your page cares about. For example, Reach Brand Management supports local child welfare agencies. When Kids Central or Partnership for Strong Families are having events, we like and share their events/posts.


  1. Be self-centered

This builds off on number two. It can’t be all about you: Marcia! Marcia! Marcia! Pages, businesses and users should all be sharing information about others. No one likes to stand next to that jerk at the party who only talks about himself. If you continuously only post about you, your followers will flee. This applies to individuals, as wells as businesses. Social media isn’t just a means of advertising and getting your information out. It is a way to interact and engage. This is simply accomplished by being a good social media community member.


  1. Ignore the data

Each social media platform or management platform offer insights. These are there to help you. Take a look at them on a regular basis. Try and notice which type of posts get the most interactions. Are there trends? You should be able to discern what times of day are best to post and what type of content gets the greatest response. For example, one of my clients have more users on between 11:00am and 5:00pm, and they like photos of the hot doctor best.

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