Why hire a professional social media expert for your business?

1. Because you should do what you’re good at.

analytics-2697949_640We all have our mix of knowledge, skills and abilities. It’s what makes us successful. Whether you’re a sales person, business manager, local business owner or are self-employed, there’s a reason you get paid to do what you do. And you’re business deserves your full attention.

When your attention is split between doing your job and handling social media, both lose out. Your business has lost your dedicated attention to your responsibilities, and your business social media is usually becomes a burden or afterthought. Avoid neglecting your job and/or your business’ social media. Hire a social media expert.  

2. For the same reason you hire a plumber, architect, or financial planner: their skills and expertise. 

plumber-2547297_640Social media isn’t just a pastime for social media marketers; it’s their livelihood. Staying up to date on the best practices, tools and techniques of social media management and marketing is a full-time job. Professional social media users are constant learners, and they know the most current trends for making social media work for your company.

3. To save money.

twitter-292994_640It’s imperative to a successful business to reduce waste, and wasted time is wasted money. Splitting your or an employee’s time between their key responsibilities and the management of social media will generally squander their time. Social media, when done correctly, is very time consuming. Social media management requires the creation of content, posting of material, monitoring and responding to the audience, the creation and implementation of advertising, and monitoring insights and results. It’s a job in-and-of-itself.  

4. Because your customers deserve it.

board-2897044_640If quality customer service is an integral component of your business, then the use of a dedicated social media manager is crucial. They are monitoring social media near constantly, making them incredibly responsive, so when clients or potential clients reach out, they can respond immediately. No more will a message go unnoticed or a comment unacknowledged.

Furthermore, a social media manager will decode the analytics to determine what your audience wants in order to give them more of what they want to see, keeping them engaged. Content should not solely be posted because that’s what the business wants to put out. Content should be a balance between what the company wants to communicate and what the audience likes to see. A pro social media marketer will know how to appease both parties.

5. Because using and working in Facebook Business Manager is terrible!

graph-3033203_640In order to reach your fans and followers, it is a requirement for your page to spend some advertising dollars with Facebook. And if you want those dollars not to be a complete waste, using Facebook Business Manager is a must. It isn’t the easiest, most intuitive system to work in, but a professional knows how to make it work for your business. As an added bonus, Business Manager can provide you with valuable insights into the results of your advertising and your business website analytics.

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