Four Ways to Increase Facebook Followers for Free

Many businesses and individuals focus on how many followers or fans they have on Facebook. Even though this number is important, it’s not crucial. At this point in time, you can get greater reach using paid Facebook advertising easier than you can with organic reach. However, it’s still important to invest in acquiring the right fans/followers. The number doesn’t matter as much as the quality does.  Here are four ways to attract the right fans/followers without spending money on ads.

  • Know your followers
    • Facebook provides valuable insights for business pages. Choose Insights from the top level menu on your Facebook page. Then under the right-hand side menu, select People. Facebook provides you demographics on Your Fans, Your Followers, People Reached and People Engaged. Go through each of these groups and pay attention to the breakdown of the ages, sexes, and location. This gives you a good picture of who likes, follows and engages with your page. Based on these demographics, you can target your posts, pictures and tone toward the type of people who follow you. This will help you attract others like them. 
  • Give them what they want
    • Next to the Insights tab in Facebook is one for Publishing Tools. Here you will find a list of your page’s posts with their corresponding reach and clicks/actions. The greater the number of reach and, more importantly, clicks/actions, the more successful a post. You should review this data at least on a monthly basis. Go through all of your posts paying attention to which received higher numbers. After identifying, the top three to five, click on those posts and take note of the type of content. For example, was it a post explaining a new product, a photo celebrating a staff member’s accomplishment, or a community event? Now that you’ve identified the posts with higher engagement and reach, create similar posts. If your audience enjoys hearing about your staff, give them more posts about your staff.
  • Reuse/Recycle
    • After identifying your most successful content, don’t be shy to reuse it. If a post three months ago had great engagement and you’re struggling to create content, feel free to reshare it or recreate it. This is a great opportunity for Throwback Thursdays. Make sure to hashtag it #TBT.
  • Invite people who engage
    • On each post and ad, there is a link telling you how many users liked/reacted to a post. It’s on the far left under the Like button. When you click this, it shows a list of everyone who has liked or reacted to the post. On the right side of this list is a box identifying if the user likes the page or if they need to be invited to like the page. Invite everyone who has liked the post to like your page. These users have already engaged with your content and are more likely to follow your page. Send them a little nudge and invite them.

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