6 Ways I Increased Productivity

Do you feel like productivity and motivation are eluding you? That’s exactly what I was struggling with yesterday At times, we all falter and fight with procrastination. What can we do to avoid wasted days? I’ve found a few things that increase my productivity, strengthen my motivation and stimulates my creativity. I’m sure these aren’t new concepts, but now you know me a little better.

1. Routine

I absolutely 100% function at my highest level when I have a daily and weekly routine. This is one thing my husband and I actually agree on! After relocating to Vero Beach, it was hard finding a good rhythm and establishing a daily routine. I was new to the area, working out of my living room and driving the kids to two different schools. Everyday was a battle to get work done and to focus.

Happily, in 2019, I have hammered out a routine that works for me, my kids, my business, and my life. During the week, I get up with the kids, take them to school by 7:45 am, spend about an hour at the gym and head to my new office down the street. I work until the kids get out of school, pick them up, and take them home. I handle whatever kid-related activities they have after school, make dinner around 6:00 or 7:00 pm, pack up my work clothes for the next day, lay out my gym clothes or the morning, spend time with my husband and go to bed around 10:30 or 11:00 pm. If I do this each day, I know I will successful!

2. Get Dressed

My friend recently mentioned that Dr. Oz explained how yoga pants are actually a problem. Hold on! I love my yoga pants too, but hear me out. When we wear comfy, stretchy clothes, comfort clothes, we don’t make the best decisions. We eat a little more than we would if we were wearing tight jeans. Our posture isn’t strong. We’re too comfortable!

The day she told me this was a day I had worn my yoga pants all day and barely accomplished anything. At least for me, feeling dressed and ready to tackle the day, prepares me to do so. From now on, my yoga pants will stay at the gym or at home.


3. Health and Self-Care

From skincare to healthy eating habits to fitness, anything and everything related to taking care of myself aids in my success and productivity, because when I feel good, I do well. I’m going into my 37th year, and I’ve made a promise to myself to do what I need to do to take better care of ME. I take care of my children, my husband, my animals (dog, cat, snake, lizard), my friends and my clients, and in order to help them, I need to feel good about myself. Making better, healthier decisions regarding food, fitness, and skincare results in a happier, healthier Nicole.  


4. Dedicated Space

This is crucial!!! For months, I “worked” out of my living room at a standing desk. Some days I would work and work and work. When your office is in your living room, it’s easy to just keep going and lose track of time. My husband would get annoyed with me, because I would wake up, head right to the desk and I’d still be there when he got home. Conversely, it can also be extremely difficult to concentrate and focus when your workspace isn’t in a workplace. Maybe this is why I was at my computer longer; it was taking longer to complete the work.

Since January 1st, I have my own dedicated office outside the house with a view and natural light. When I’m in my office, I’m working; I’m focused, unless I’m wearing yoga pants. Even though I take my computer home everyday, 95% of all of my work is done during my set work hours at my office sitting at my desk. While the kids are at school, I run my business, and when it’s time to pick them up, my work is generally done and stays at the office.


5. Matching Soundtrack

When I was entrenched in earning my master’s, I found studying and writing in local coffee shops the best location for me. The noise, ambiance and anonymity found there conducive to the task. I need noise! Silence is painful. Today, I match my soundtrack to my task. If I’m working on mindless or autopiloted tasks, an interesting podcast is best. If I’m writing a short story or blog, I use an Amazon Music playlist that suits my mood. If I really need to concentrate or read, I have a perfect instrumental Pandora station.

6. Week Of Tasks

While shopping in Target’s office supply section, I found a pad of weekly sheets each with the days of the week listed at the top of columns. I use this pad each week to list out what needs done. If something isn’t completed on the assigned day, I just draw an arrow to the next. I’m visual and this helps keep everything right in front of me.


Well, I hope you found some value in this blog post. I’d love to hear what you’ve found to increase your productivity. Comment or email me with your tips and tricks.  


About the author: 

Nicole Pulcini Mason owns and operates a marketing firm serving a select handful of clients. She specializes in Facebook advertising and management, web copy writing, and public relations. With two children in middle school, born 13 months apart, she’s kept guessing as she navigates the preteen years. An Aquarian, Nicole is at home on the beach, in water and under the sun.