Work Portfolio

I handle a widerange of work for various clients. My recent work involves a majority of social media marketing and management, but I also perform a significant amount of content creation, website writing and website management/creation (WordPress and Wix). While employed with a large human service nonprofit in Central Florida, I was responsbile for marketing plans, public relations, event planning, media relations andn some legislative advocacy. Below are a few examples that continue to live on the internet.

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Social Media

The management of organic social media platforms, as well as, social media marketing. Platforms include Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, LinkedIn, Google My Business and Twitter.

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Creating and/or managing websites built in WordPress or Wix. This includes SEO, content writing, some design work, and more.

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A large portion of my writing over the years was published under the names of others. Below are a few recent examples of blogs, webpages, and articles I’ve written.